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Advertising Service

Ⅰ Opening ceremony

Inviting executive of sponsor attend the opening ceremony, and delivering a brief speech to enhance enterprise’s public awareness.

Ⅱ Booth Propaganda

Rental of booths or raw space for your own use,demonstrating new technology and products to target buyer and trade visitors, trying to find potential business opportunity.

Ⅲ On-line Advertising

Sponsor’s banner on official website, dynamic information about the enterprise will be found by target visitor and potential buyers at anytime.

Ⅳ Tickets and Badges Advertising

1、Organizer will print 100.000 visitor tickets for the fair,it will be send to professional visitors, co-media and related institutions. Sponsor’s Logo and booth No. will be featured on both sides of the ticket.

2、Badges and Lanyards to be given to each delegate and  visitor at registration office.

Ⅴ Briefcase 

During exhibition, 20.000 briefcases will distribute to visitors, sponsor’s logo printed on both sides of it, your company will know to visitors post exhibition.

Ⅵ Print media

1、Brochure, which including exhibitor list and visiting compass, will be handed out about 20.000 to target visitor, Ads column situated at the bottom of the brochure. 

2、Official catalogue,put your company profile in the official catalogue will acquire more business opportunity by sold them to potential buyer.

3、CIMIE 2017 Handbook. Photo of the Sponsor’s pavilion will be published on the handbook of CIFE 2017 and 2018, which will help you have such a chance to promote one more year.

Ⅶ  Ads on Venue 

1、 Banner on the front wall of entrance gate is attractive. 

2、 LED display. The organizing committee provides LED display screen outside the hall, sponsor provide 30 seconds-3 minutes long video clips, and it will display 10-15 times during 9: 00-16: 30 to the audience. 

3、Arched door. During exhibition, a number of large arched doors will be placed on the venue, your banner on the door can help to improve your popularity.

4、Flower baskets

Sponsor’s Flower basket be placed at several entrances and exits.  

5、Roadside Ads

During exhibition, the organizing committee will allocate presentation panel and hang colorful flag on both side of the entrance, sponsor’s information will expose more through different aspect.