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Automobile, machine tool, shipbuilding, construction machinery, rail transportation, heavy machinery, mining,textile, printing, general machinery, electric power, telecommunication, petrochemical industry, building hardware, pipeline and pumpvalve, municipal engineering ,etc. all kinds of casting products include precision casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting, rotarycasting, low- pressure casting, and casting process products and equipment.


▍Foundry Machine:

Kinds of smelting furnace, automatic pouring machine, molding line, core making center, sand mixer, sand processing equipment,sand reclamation equipment, shot blast cleaning equipment, die-casting machine, precision casting equipment, full mold castingdevice, various robot, fast molding equipment, nondestructive testing equipment, cleaning environment protection equipment,age-treatment equipment, heat treatment equipment, foundry mould, foundry defect repair equipment, casting deep processingequipment, air compressor equipment, etc.


▍Measure and test equipment: Chemical composition fast analyzer before stove (direct-reading spectrometer, CE thermalanalyzer,C.S analyzer), on-line detectorfor quality of molding sand, three coordinate measuring machine, temperature measurementinstrument, thickness measuring instrument, endoscope, hardness tester, nondestructive inspection equipment(linear acceleratorflaw detector), mechanical property testing machines.


▍Foundry Materials: Foundry resin, paint, cast iron, iron alloy, steel shot, bentonite, paraffin,non-ferrous metal, insulating riser,filter,foundry coke,silica sand, coated sand, chromite sand, pearl sand, coal powder, inoculants, refining agent, nodulizer,vermiculizer, slag removing agent, silicon sol, refractories, foundry raw and auxiliary


▍Other: Surface treatment and coating equipment, tool, measure tool, technology and equipment of dust removal, etc. material, etc.